packing tape person Thank You Veteran

We started the packing tape people as a community project because I was told by the Chamber that we were not doing hay bales this year due to the drought.  

I still wanted to do something that we could display around town for the next few months (hopefully they will stay intact that long),  so I looked on Pinterest for ideas.  I found this one and it looked easy.  I did test it out on Kambree first to see if it was as easy as it looked. 

  • The groups started by figuring out the location they wanted to place their person and what position the person would be in. 
  • Then we started by wrapping students in saran wrap.  
  • After that, we put multiple layers of packing tape all over the wrapped area (we did learn that Heavy Duty Packing tape is definitely the way to go).  We had to do the sculptures in pieces because we knew we couldn't finish the whole body in one class period. 
  • After the saran wrap was completely covered with tape, we cut the tape and saran wrap off, CAREFULLY! 
  • Then we taped up the seams.  Much to the students' disappointment, I made them use a styrofoam head because I did not want anyone suffocated in my class. 
  • After all the pieces to the body were finished, we taped them together.

The biggest challenge in making them were the ones that were in the sitting position.

packing tape person with axe

packing tape person

packing tape acrobat

packing tape person with coffee

packing tape person with coffee

packing tape person with bottle

packing tape person with lights

packing tape person with cup

packing tape person with dress

packing tape person with water bottle

Packing person hanging on tree