Fishing Teams with Fish

Anson High School's Bass Fishing Team kicked off their new adventure in their FIRST fishing tournament of the year on October 1st at Possom Kingdom. 

Teams fishing that day included:  

Jacob Vinson & Asher Jobe

Tyler Wilburn & Hunter Teichelman

Sadie Blankenship & Cole Estes

Chloe Fernandez & Avan Jobe

Sam Cowan & Cameron Taylor

Ally Rose & Emori Ramos

Three out of the six teams caught bass that day.  

Jacob & Asher caught 5 bass for a total of 15.20 pounds bringing their team in at 14th place out of the 214 teams in the tournament. 

Tyler & Hunter caught 2 bass with a total of 4.28 pounds.

Sadie & Cole caught 1 bass with a total of 2.62 pounds. 

The Fishing Team is led by Mr. Stephen Scitern and sponsored by many companies throughout the community and surrounding areas. 

Their next tournament will be at Hubbard Creek on October 29th. 


Anson HS Fishing